Tesla doing donuts in the snow [Tesla Eye Candy 42]

As winter freezes over for many Tesla owners around the world, it's fun to check out how your Tesla Model S or Model X performs in the snow and ice. We've got a cool video for this installment of Tesla Eye Candy, but first -- let's showcase our favorite images found on Instagram. The winner is a set of identical triplets supercharging together in the middle of a blizzard. Norway remains the ruler of the Tesla world (outside of California of course). Take a look at our favorite snaps...

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Even though EVANNEX is based in sunny South Florida, we (as a family business) all have memories of snowy winters where we grew in Connecticut. In fact, I was just up there over the holidays and recall friends in high school slipping and sliding their cars "doing donuts" in parking lots during the winter blizzards. We just launched our Tesla Model S Snow Chains and received this cool video clip from someone contacting us. Looks like you can make snow angels, donuts, or whatever you'd like in your Tesla Model S as the snow flurries start coming down this winter...

Source: Dennis Horn

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