Jessica Alba driving a Tesla and Wearing a SpaceX hat; supports Elon Musk companies [Tesla Eye Candy 52]

We've seen all kinds of celebrities professing their love for Tesla lately. From supermodel Kate Upton to Tattoo star Kat Von D, they're using Instagram to give a "shout out" Tesla Motors and its prolific CEO Elon Musk. So who's the latest celeb to show off their support for Elon Musk's companies? Well, it turns out actress Jessica Alba took a selfie inside a Tesla Model S with her SpaceX hat on -- and she included "#SpaceX is so dope!!!" in her Instagram description to accompany her fangirl photo (see below). Clearly, this had to be our winning photo for this week's installment of Tesla Eye Candy. That said, we also have some amazing Instagram photos featured below including supermodel/actress Brooklyn Decker getting a speeding ticket in her Model S and (further below) a very cool "X" video as well, just scroll down to check it all out...

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For this week's featured video, we feature a video showcasing the Model X falcon wings. Motley Fool writer Daniel Sparks questions what might be "the impact the flashy vehicle could potentially have on demand for the company's upcoming Model 3? More specifically, could Tesla's double-hinged falcon wing doors end up turning into the ultimate marketing tool? What happens when you put a Model X in a mall? Tesla's Model X falcon wing doors, which open with a custom arch each time depending on their surroundings, are unquestionably flashy. And it seems the company may be delivering some of these new SUVs to Tesla stores just in time for the March 31 unveiling of the Model 3, which is also when preorders will start for its most affordable vehicle." Check out the falcon wings in action...

Source: Motley Fool

Motley Fool concludes in their article that: "Model X could play a key role in accelerating demand for Model 3. Whether Tesla intended it or not, the falcon wing doors on the Model X will likely generate far more foot traffic to Tesla stores, which are located in high-foot-traffic locations such as malls, than the Model S did. And with the more affordable Model 3 available for preorder at the end of March, Tesla could actually turn a lot of these shoppers into customers." We agree. 

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