A Southern California Tesla with some serious style [Tesla Eye Candy 65]

In these special blog posts, we showcase five photos and one video from different Tesla owners in order to showcase the hottest Tesla images across the web. However, in this (65th!) installment of Tesla Eye Candy, we're going to highlight just one absolutely striking Tesla. To that end, we've been featuring @socaltesla114 so often on our EVANNEX Instagram feed that we decided to dedicate an entire Tesla Eye Candy to the amazing photos and video featuring this stunning Model S hailing from (somewhere) in Southern California.

Instagram: @socaltesla114

We love @socaltesla114's Instagram page in which the stated mission is: "Making Electric cars COOL!" Mission accomplished. And, although we don't know much about the Tesla, it turns out that the amazing photography seems to be courtesy of @hector_kebo_vasquez who's also featured some of these Tesla images prominently on his Instagram feed along with other cool car pix. Hector doesn't look like he's an old-school photographer at a car mag — it looks like he's listed himself at 21 years old. Impressive. In any event, take a look at the gallery below...

Instagram: @socaltesla114

And, for the featured video this week, it looks like this Tesla photographer, Hector, also runs Kebo Films. From his videos, it appears he likes fast cars, music, and skateboarding. And, although we've seen some amazing Tesla fanboy films recently, this video will definitely get any Tesla fan all charged up.


Youtube: Kebo Films

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