Snoop Dogg joins a long list of music artists that own a Tesla [Video]

Not only does Tesla [NASDAQ: TSLA] make waves on Wall Street, it's also become a highly coveted car inside exclusive celebrity circles. And why not — it's cars are glamorous, stunning, and eco-friendly too. In fact, Hollywood has been hot on Tesla for years. Professional athletes have also been buying Tesla's vehicles in droves. Part of the reason can be attributed to Elon Musk who's considered a celebrity himself. And there's another high-profile group smitten with Teslas — famous music artists. It makes sense... they can play their music on the Tesla sound system and turn the volume all the way up to 11.


Above: Snoop Dogg's new Tesla Model X (Images: ieEntertainment / Motor Trend)

The latest music artist to get himself a Tesla is... none other than Snoop Dogg. He recently took to social media to announce that "Tesla just dropped off my new ride" and showed off his brand new white Tesla Model X complete with 22" matte black Onyx wheels. It looks like he got his Model X with a six seat configuration adorned with black leather and figured ash wood trim to round out the interior decor. Snoop's video clip shows off the impressive 17" center stack touchscreen along with the Model X's dramatic falcon wing doors.

So who else in the music biz has a Tesla? Just recently we featured an "electric beast" from Bring Me the Horizon's Oli Sykes. We also featured Twisted Sister's Dee Snyder and his rock-and-roll Tesla Model S. Metallica's James Hetfield loves his Tesla. And lots of hip hop and R&B stars also have Teslas. Jay Z, Rihanna, John Legend,, Akon, and Lionel Ritchie are proud Tesla owners. Count pop stars including Shakira, Katy Perry, Anthony Keidis, and Adam Levine among the growing list of Tesla owners. And big time DJs like Zedd, Skrillex and deadmau5 also have Teslas. Even Stevie Wonder wants a Tesla — but he's clearly going to have to wait until Tesla Autopilot goes fully autonomous.


Above: A sampling of celebs who own a Tesla (Youtube: MEtv Product Reviews)

In any event, we wish the best for Snoop in his new Tesla Model X. It's wonderful to see celebs gravitate towards an automotive brand that also happens to be great for the planet. We're looking forward to the first time Snoop drops "zero emissions" into a verse on one of his new rhymes. Elon Musk would certainly dig it as he's already showed love for west coast hip hop artists that have shared the same record label as Snoop in the past.