Going Global: Tesla showcases new European videos as worldwide footprint grows

Last fall, Tesla made a concerted effort to promote videos around the globe showing how the brand (and its owners) enjoyed living the all-electric lifestyle. Yes, Tesla could soon have the most made-in-America car ever — but that doesn't mean its promotional efforts are relegated to US initiatives only. Now, in 2017, it appears that Tesla is continuing to promote its vehicles worldwide with a special emphasis on the European market.

Above: Tesla Model X (Instagram: khalilbgr)

Most recently, as reported in Electrek, Tesla's Drive to Believe program gave contest winners an opportunity to trade in their current vehicle and test out a Model S (for themselves) for one week. It's reported that "the participants completed their week and Tesla is now featuring some of them in a series of promotional videos." At this stage, Tesla has posted "one [video] from Germany, Christian who traded his Mini One for the Model S, and another from the Netherlands, where Marjoleine traded her Volvo C30 for the Model S.. [and] the company says that there are more videos coming."

Source: Tesla*

But, that's not it. Tesla has also produced a cool video to celebrate its recent launch in Portugal. In addition, two other new videos showcase how wonderful Tesla vehicles are for families — one features a British family and the other a Spanish family. To check out these new European videos from Tesla, take a look below...

Source: Tesla*

It's great to see how Tesla continues to expand its footprint worldwide. With new markets opening up across the globe (i.e. most recently, in the Middle East), it will be fascinating to watch how the brand grows over the next year. And with the Model 3 coming soon, Tesla is positioning itself to become a major player on the world stage.


*Source: Tesla