How to protect your Tesla

It's an amazing feeling when you take delivery of your first Tesla. There's that new car smell, the serene silence of having no internal combustion engine, ultra-smooth acceleration, and the extreme torque when you stomp on the accelerator pedal. However, looking at your pristine, shiny, perfect new car might leave you feeling a little nervous.

Why? Because no matter how careful you are, your new Tesla might become less-than-perfect with all the typical wear-and-tear that's inflicted after owning any car for some time. So what can you do to protect your Tesla? Well... actually, quite a lot. 


Above: Protecting Tesla wheels with our wheel locks

Protecting the Exterior

First, let's talk about your wheels. Yes, they're beautiful. But, in order to protect them from shady characters, we recommend installing wheel locks. But that's not all.

One small mistake when rushing to parallel park, or at a fast-food drive-through, or at the drive-up bank ATM lane and you hear the dreaded scraping sound on the curb. You  know there's trouble, open your door, look down, and there it is... unsightly "curb rash" on your Tesla wheel. Scraping or scuffing your rims may lower resale value, look messy, or worse. You can avoid this with one of our more popular products for rim protection—wheel bands.


Above: Tesla rim protection using wheel bands

Okay... so what about protecting the gorgeous exterior of your Tesla Model S against the elements when parked outside? For that, we recommend that you consider our Car Cover, a relatively low cost way to protect your Model S from dust, rain, snow and other elements.

Last, on road trips you might wind up charging at a public charger (using your J1772 adaptor). Unfortunately, in those instances someone could unplug your connection at any time. So we've got our Charging Lock to ensure no one can unplug you.

Protecting the Interior

Both the Model S and the Model X have beautiful leather seats that often need protection from adult occupants, children, and pets.

Let's say you're coming from the beach or pool or from a workout at the gym and your shirt or shorts are wet. Having that uncomfortable feeling of sticking to the seat isn't fun, and you might also discolor the upholstery if you do it too often. We've developed the Seat Hoodie so you can have another layer of protection (and comfort) in those situations. And, for complete and semi-permanent seat protection, we've also got our neoprene Seat Covers for the Model S.


Above: Sliding on the seat hoodie to protect your seats 

We all love our pets, but they can create a mess inside the car. To avoid the mess that a pet can cause, we recommend our Pet Cargo Cover, available for both Model S and Model X.

In some cases, the sun can represent a threat to your interior. The interior of your car can heat up quickly when parked outside in the hot sun making the steering wheel and seats uncomfortable to the touch. Extremem heat can also be detrimental to the control electronics and dashboard. To keep your Tesla Model S and Model X interior cool and protected, check out our custom-designed Sunshades.


Above: Protecting your Tesla with our car cover

There are other ways to protect your interior. To keep your beautiful 17" touchscreen display free from fingerprints, smudges, scratches and UV rays, check out our Screen Protectors. On the floor, all Tesla's come with factory floor mats. However, they're susceptible to dirt, sand, snow, and debris — especially during the winter time. Many Tesla owners choose our all-weather Rubbertite Floor Mats that defend against harsh winters, camping, and other activities that tend to create a mess on your Tesla's floor. They're easy to clean, custom-designed for your Tesla, and built to offer maximum protection against the elements.


Above: All-weather Rubbertite floor mats custom-designed for Tesla owners

To protect your ultra-cool Tesla key fob, we've got our silicone Fob Pocket.


So take action to protect your Tesla. Be sure to check out (at least) a few of these accessories. They can help you keep your Tesla safe, protected, and in fantastic condition for years to come.