Gorilla Wheel Locks for Tesla Model S
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Gorilla Wheel Locks for Tesla Model S

Keeping your factory wheels safe and secure on your Tesla Model S is vital. Gorilla Wheel Locks hardened steel construction and narrow-groove key patterns provide unbeatable street security, without sacrificing the custom look of your wheels. Gorilla Wheel Locks sleek, triple chrome plating and low profile design ensure good looks that are as tough to beat as their protection. The lock and key engage precisely and are a direct fit for Tesla Model S factory wheels in either chrome or black color options. Please select your color option from the pull-down menu below.









— Performance engineered for maximum street security
— Lock and key engage precisely
— Case hardened and triple chrome plated for lasting durability
— Key wrench registration label enclosed




Gorilla Factory Bulge Wheel Locks with a Key for Tesla Model S with OEM Wheels.


Features and Benefits

- Direct Fit for All Tesla Model S
- Compatible with All OEM Wheels
- Made Out of High-Strength Steel with a Chrome Finish That'll Withstand Routine Wear and Tear
- Closed-End Design Will Prevent Rusting
- External Pattern Design Produces Better Torque and Prevents Breakage
- 60-Degree Conical Design
- Kit Includes 4 Locking Lug Nuts and 1 Key

This Set of Four Gorilla Factory Bulge Wheel Locks also comes with one key. The Wheel Locks and key are direct fit replacements for all Tesla Model S with factory wheels, and they're perfect for factory wheels that have a brighter finish. These Wheel Locks are made out of strong steel and have a chrome or black finish, which means you can rest easy knowing they'll withstand routine wear and tear. The closed-end design will help keep them from rusting and the external pattern design means you can expect better torque, plus this design will help prevent breakage too. 

Please Note: This Wheel Locks kit is designed for Tesla Model S vehicles with factory wheels. This kit is not designed to be used with aftermarket wheels.








Can I get Wheel Locks in another color option?

No. We only offer Wheel Locks in "chrome" and "black" color options.

How long does it take to receive my Wheel Locks?  

You can expect delivery in 1 to 2 weeks via FedEx.

Do Wheel Locks ship to international destinations?  

Yes, we ship the Wheel Locks internationally using FedEx.  For more information check out our Shipping and Fulfillment page.



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