Lighting Effects: Illuminate your love for Tesla [Gallery]

Based in Sydney, Australia, Bailey Wang is the principle photographer at Cinemotive, a company that specializes in beautiful photography and documentary-style cinematic wedding video. He also happens to be the proud owner of a striking multi-coat red Tesla Model S P85D, and, a soon-to-be Model X owner as well. Bailey describes himself as a, "lover of oldworld and classic lenses." He gave us kudos on Instagram while displaying our Lighted T products on his Tesla, explaining that these lighting effects are: "such a great idea, it should've been a standard in these amazing cars."

Source: Bailey Wang*

I was simply blown away by these photos. And, Bailey was kind enough to allow us to showcase his photos on our site... so without further ado, take a look at this amazing photo gallery he sent me of his Model S adorned with our Lighted T product on both the front and rear of the vehicle...

Front Lighted T

Rear Lighted T

We're hoping to feature more of Bailey's amazing Tesla photography soon. Although he's a massively talented wedding photographer, it looks like Bailey's got some serious hidden talents as an automotive photographer as well. And, if you like the "look" Bailey achieved, illuminating his love for Tesla with our Lighted T products, be sure to check them out.


*Source: Bailey Wang (Instagram / Website)