Lighted T for Tesla Model S
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Lighted T for Tesla Model S

This popular Tesla Model S aftermarket accessory, the Lighted T, is a subtle yet unique way for any Model S owner to add a bit of extra flair at the front or rear of the vehicle. This lighting modification, custom designed exclusively for the Tesla Model S, provides a lighted halo effect around the Tesla T logo area. In the rear, the halo is tied to brake lighting, causing it to illuminate more intensely when the brakes lights illuminate. In the front, the lighting can be switched on or off, providing a series of special effects at your whim. The Lighted T definitely adds a unique accent to the front and/or the back of your model S, but does it in a tasteful and understated manner.

Note: The Front Lighted T has been designed for all Tesla Model S vehicles from June 2012 - May 2016 and will not be compatible with the new Tesla Model S "refresh" front end design delivered after June 1st, 2016. 



"Such a great idea, it should've been a standard in these amazing cars." - Bailey Wang, Sydney, Australia (photos below: Bailey Wang)

Front Lighted T

Rear Lighted T

Photography credit: Bailey Wang (Instagram: @cinemotive_bailey / Website:




The Lighted T was developed by Rick Hesel (aka "ArtSci" on the forums), a Model S P85 owner famous for cool modifications to his Model S. We're proud to announce that the Lighted T is now available exclusively from EVANNEX. In addition, we've created an "all-in" product that includes all components (and instructions) necessary for installation.

Parts Included

Front Lighted T

- The Front Lighted T assembly

- 15 feet 2-lead black and red 20 gauge stranded wire

- 15 feet 2-lead black and red 20 gauge stranded wire

- OBD2 connector (for 12v power and ground connections)

- 5 feet Spectra nylon parachute thread

- Mini LED RF wireless remote control

- 12v pre-wired LED for dash mounting

- 6 Posi-lock Connectors, 18-24 gauge

Rear Lighted T

- Rear Lighted T and Arch with dual brightness drive

- 5 feet each of blue, yellow, and black 20 gauge stranded wire

- 3 Posi-Taps Connectors, 18-20

- 2 Posi-Lok Connectors, 18-24 gauge

- 2 feet Spectra nylon parachute thread

- 5 spare blue/green plastic retainer clips

- Small tube of clear silicone sealant

Note: the Lighted Ts are cased by an injection molded plastic shell. The electrical components are composed of a machine-made custom circuit board with LEDs and is injected with waterproofing epoxy material.


How they work

The Front T is operated by a remote seen below.


Note: The Rear T operates automatically - it turns on when the car’s running lamps are lighted and brightens when the brakes are applied 


Below is a short video highlighting the manufacturing process for the Lighted T.



The Front T is remotely controlled and enables the driver to turn it on and off and adjust the brightness and display setting.

In addition, the Front T has special effects (see "Video" tab) including; flashing, heart beat, and more.




Front Lighted T


Rear Lighted T





The Lighted T requires professional installation.

Installation videos and written instructions are for your professional installer and can be found below. Written instructions are also included in the package you'll receive, but, we advise you to ask your professional installer to check out the corresponding videos as well in order to facilitate better understanding of install steps/procedure.

Front Lighted T Installation


Rear Lighted T Installation 


Front T Installation Guide

Rear T Installation Guide

Installation PDF Files

Front T Installation


Rear T Installation




"This aftermarket product from EVANNEX is for those certain drivers who want it to be crystal clear that they are the proud owner of a Tesla." Glen Gaslin, CNET "Insane mods for your Tesla"

"Once I bought my Tesla Model S, I knew I wanted to design and create the car on my own terms. I think the car is beautiful as is, but believe subtle changes could make a drastic difference in terms of its appearance. The Lighted T gives the vehicle an appeal that subtly stands out amongst its peers. Cutting edge, forward-thinking, ahead of its time, and it beautifully presents a paradigm shift on the automobile world by bringing the future of design to the present--all things in line with the brand of Tesla as a whole." - Dr. Shey Olaoshebikan, Los Angeles, CA


"I had been eyeing the illuminated front and rear Tesla logo from EVANNEX for a while... I had the installation done by a local garage in Basel ( and Semir did a great job. Here are pictures of the results." -





Is the installation of the Lighted T a DIY (Do It Yourself) project?

No, it is imperative that product installation is left to a professional installer. Therefore, professional installation is required.

Where can I find a professional installer?

There are many competent aftermarket installation locations (they often specialize in car audio installs)  in your locale. It may be helpful to locate a professional installer who has had experience with the Tesla Model S and comes recommended by others. We've created extensive installation materials (including a detailed installation video, see 'Installation' tab) in order to assist a professional installer with guidance as he/she installs Lighted T.

Above: Lighted T installation at Signature Custom Wraps in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

How long will it take a professional to install the Lighted T?

Installation is a job for a professional installer. However, for a professional, it’s a relatively straightforward task (as we've provided both written and video instructions) that can be completed in a relatively short time frame. The front T takes about 60-90 minutes, the rear about two hours. However, we advise that you ask your professional installer to provide an estimate as timeframe and pricing may vary from installer to installer.

How much should professional installation cost?

We suggest you get an upfront quote from your professional installer, but, typically prices can range from $60/hr. - $150/hr. depending on your location. As we noted earlier, some professional installers estimate that the front Lighted T takes about 60-90 minutes, the rear Lighted T about two hours, sometimes this depends if the installers have significant experience working on Teslas.

What kind of modifications to my car does installation of the Lighted Ts require?

Very few. Each Lighted T consists of an injection molded plastic shell that is positioned under the front and rear chrome Ts with double sided tape. The factory chrome Ts are temporarily removed and a very small hole is drilled in the nose cone and trunk lid for the wiring, but the holes are positioned so they are not visible. After the Lighted Ts are positioned on the nosecone and trunk lid, the chrome Ts are reattached on top of them.

Will the Lighted Ts affect the functioning of my car’s electrical system?

No. The Ts are powered by the car’s 12V system and connections are made to existing 12V lines and ground.

How much electrical power do the Ts require when they are lighted? When they are off?

The Lighted Ts draw very little power, only hundreds of milliamps. When they are off they consume no power.

Will the Ts run down my 12V battery?

No. The current draw of the Ts is so low that it would take (estimated) about a month to drain the 12V battery if they were turned on and car was not plugged in or driven.

How will operation of the Ts be affected by wet and inclement weather?

Not a bit. The Ts are completely waterproof and not affected by extreme cold or heat.

Why do you include a remote control with my front Lighted T?

The remote control is provided to give the driver complete control over the operation the front T from the driver’s seat. The driver decides when the Lighted T should be on or off and what special effects should be enabled.

What are the functions of the remote control for my front Lighted T?

The remote turns the front T on and off, controls its brightness, and enables and controls the speed of special effects such as strobe, flashing, and heart beat.

Can I use a remote control on the rear Lighted T?

No. The rear T turns automatically on with the car’s tail lights and brightens when the brakes are applied. For safety reasons these features cannot be remotely controlled.

What is the range of the remote control for my front Lighted T?

About 50 feet.

Will the Lighted T’s violate traffic and/or other vehicle laws in my state?

No. The colors and position of the Lighted T's meets state safety laws regarding both the front and rear light. Consistent with these laws, the front T lights white the rear T lights red.

Will the Lighted Ts leak toxic or other foreign material that might damage my car?

None of the chemical or physical properties of the Lighted T can damage the car or its painted surfaces. Both are made of inert plastic and waterproofed with epoxy in a hardened state.

How will the Lighted Ts affect service on my car?

Not at all. They will not interfere with routine service protocols.

What happens if my Lighted T doesn’t work or seems to have something wrong with it?

Over 300 Lighted Ts have been sold, and, the failure rate for these devices is extremely low, but if your Lighted T fails or functions improperly immediately after your professional installer installs the product, please have your professional installer contact us at EVANNEX for guidance/advice. If that doesn’t resolve the problem a replacement can be provided free-of-charge.

How does the rear Lighted T work with the tail lights and brakes?

The rear T is installed so it turns on with the tail lights and brightens when the brakes are applied. During daylight, when the tail lights are off, the T is off until the brakes are applied. It lights up with the brake lights.

When should I turn on my front T?

Whenever you want. With the remote you have complete control over when it is on and off, it’s brightness, and special effects. Most owners turn it on at night or in dimmer daylight conditions.

Does installation require permanent changes to my car that can’t be reversed?

No. The lighted Ts can be removed at any time, the wiring disconnected and removed, and the OEM chrome T's placed back in their original positions, restoring the car to its original condition.

Because I can’t see it from the driver’s seat how can I tell when the front Lighted T is on?

That’s the purpose of the small blue LED provided in the package of installation parts. The LED is wired in series with the remote and placed inconspicuously near the door in the far left hand corner of the dash. It lights when the front T is on and repeats brightness and any special effects. So at a glance the driver always knows the operational state of the front lighted T.

Can the Lighted T be vandalized or stolen off my car?

Nothing is vandal proof, but the Lighted Ts are very difficult to remove without knowledge of how they are attached.

If they get wet will the Lighted Ts affect my electrical system or create problems such as electrical shorts?

No. Aside from being protected by the car’s fuse system the Lighted Ts are completely waterproof.

What if my installer has questions that I can’t answer?

We have provided written and video installation instructions that can help guide a professional in the installation of the Lighted T. Please have your professional installer reference the "Installation" tab on this page (prior to his infall). Note: written instructions are also provided in the package you'll receive post-order. If there are other questions, please contact us.

What provides the light for the Lighted Ts?

The Lighted Ts are lit by miniature LEDS arrayed on a T shaped printed circuit board that is embedded in the injection molded plastic shell.

How long will the Lighted Ts last and the LEDs continue to work?

The LEDs in the Ts have an expected lifetime of about 40,000 operational hours. This means that they would last 10-12 years if the were turned on for about 10 hours a day.

When I buy the front and/or rear Lighted T is everything needed for installation included – wiring, connectors, etc?

Yes, all parts required for installation are included – wire, fuses, connectors, remote, custom cut double sided tape, even a small tube of silicone sealant, etc (see "Installation" tab). Every installation may vary slightly and as a consequence your installer might use an additional connector or some other item not in the kit. Professional installers typically acquire these from readily available sources. We do not provide the tools needs for the installation.

What tools are required for installation?

Very few (and no special) tools are needed: professional installers will have everything necessary: wire cutters, voltmeter, wire strippers, electrical tape, etc.

What is the shipping time frame for this product?

We target delivery between 2-4 weeks for U.S. orders.

Do you ship this item internationally?

Yes. We do ship the Lighted T's internationally. Please see our "Shipping and Fulfillment" page for additional information.



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