Tesla's Driver Drowsiness Warning: A New Safety Frontier

Tesla's Driver Drowsiness Warning: A New Safety Frontier

Tesla is taking driver safety to the next level with its new "Driver Drowsiness Warning" feature, designed to combat the dangers of drowsy driving. This innovative system utilizes the cabin-facing camera, originally implemented to monitor driver attention, to assess signs of fatigue, such as frequent yawns and blinks. It's a significant step toward safer roadways, particularly considering the potentially deadly consequences of drowsy driving.



The Driver Drowsiness Warning tool combines facial analysis and driving behavior to detect signs of tiredness. When the system identifies these indicators, it triggers an alert on the touchscreen and sounds an internal alarm to alert the driver. For those who prefer to deactivate the feature, a simple visit to Controls and then Safety can accomplish this, though doing so is discouraged due to the safety benefits it offers.


One essential aspect to note is that the feature reactivates automatically when you start a new drive, ensuring continuous safety coverage. However, it's important to mention that the Driver Drowsiness Warning only activates when the vehicle exceeds 40 miles per hour and Autopilot is not engaged. Tesla emphasizes that drivers remain responsible for their alertness and concentration on the road, as drowsy driving poses severe risks. With this new system, Tesla is taking proactive steps to keep drivers awake and safe behind the wheel, joining other automakers like Mercedes-Benz, Kia, Honda, Hyundai, and more in addressing this critical safety concern.



Source: PCMag / Electreck / Autoblog