Tesla Model X 60 is a big deal [Tesla Eye Candy 64]

Having just taken delivery of our Tesla Model X, it's hard to be impartial. We absolutely love it! That said, we were thrilled to check out Electric Jen's article in Teslarati explaining why the new Tesla Model X 60 is a big deal. Jen sums it up: "Just like the newly released Model S 60, adding the Model X 60D brings the starting price point down... Making the car more attainable is good for us all. A more successful car company means growth, more Superchargers, and hopefully plenty more service centers." We've dedicated this entire Tesla Eye Candy installment to the amazing new Model X 60D starting at $66,500 (after incentives). Scroll down below for a look...

Source: Teslarati

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Next up, we were excited to see MotorWeek's review the Tesla Model X in which they proclaim: "Of course Tesla doesn’t build typical anything, so this 2016 Model X may just change crossovers, as we know them, forever." So what's MotorWeek's final verdict? They conclude, "The 2016 Model X is everything you dreamed about, and it’s in a class all its own. Yet even more so than the sedan, it behaves less like an EV [electric vehicle] and more like a solid every day family hauler. One that, instead of wasting time standing next to a gas pump, you just plug-in…before you drift off to dreamland." Note: the review was filmed before the new X 60, but it still gives you great insight into its features.

Source: MotorWeek

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