Tesla Now Lets You Refer People for Demo Drives

Tesla Now Lets You Refer People for Demo Drives

The Tesla referral program has long been a way that owners can get bonuses and credits by referring others to purchase the automaker’s vehicles. Now, however, Tesla has added the ability to refer people for more than just purchases, most recently letting them refer others to schedule demo drives.

Above: A Tesla Model Y (Image: Casey Murphy / EVANNEX).

In recent weeks, Tesla has added the option for owners to refer other people to demo drive the company’s cars to its website, as reported by electrek. Perhaps the automaker thinks that getting people into its cars is the easiest way to sell them, from the unique interiors offered in the Model 3, S, X or Y, all the way to the swift acceleration found in many electric vehicles.

“You can earn referral credits by having friends or family use your referral link when they order their first Tesla product or take their first referred demo drive,” Tesla writes on its website.

Tesla is offering owners as many as 60 demo drive referrals, as detailed on its website, along with as many as 12 purchase referrals. To gain access to the credits from referring someone to a demo drive, owners must simply share their referral link with interested parties, who can then schedule a demo drive through that link.

The referral credits on purchases only apply to those purchasing their first Tesla vehicles, as the company says purchases by existing customers will not yield credits for the referrer. For existing Tesla customers, purchases made through a referral link won’t give others referral credits, but they will offer loyalty points to the buyer. Additionally, referrals cannot be used retroactively, so purchases or demo drives must be scheduled using the referrer’s link.

“If an existing customer attempts to order through a referral link (whether their own or a friend’s), they will not qualify for the referral benefits for buyers, nor will the referrer qualify for referral credits, because the buyer is already part of the Tesla community,” Tesla explains. “Instead, the customer automatically earns loyalty benefits associated with the purchased product.”

Referring someone to a test drive gives 100 Tesla credits per sign-up to the referring party, and if the party demo driving decides to make a purchase, the referrer will gain access to the automaker’s purchase credits, too. The referral only applies to purchases on new vehicles and to first-time Tesla buyers. Below are the benefits Tesla offers to referrers when a purchase is made using their link:

  • Model 3 or Model Y: $500 off and 3 months of Full Self-Driving package
  • Model S or Model X: $1,000 off and 3 months of Full Self-Driving package


Source: Tesla / electrek