Tesla luminaries join forces for TeslaCon, here's what it's all about [Video]

Posted on December 09, 2017 by Matt Pressman

Imagine a workshop with some of the biggest names in the Tesla community. No, we're not talking about Elon Musk, JB Straubel, or Franz von Holzhausen. The only way you'll catch a glimpse of those guys is probably on the factory floor in Fremont. That said, there are a handful of high-profile Tesla owners who've gained massive followings online via their own popular youtube channels. It turns out a group of these Tesla celebs are joining forces for the first-ever TeslaCon.


Above: The 2017 TeslaCon event (Source: TeslaCon)

Led by data scientist, Ben Sullins, who runs the Teslanomics youtube channel (also the lucky winner of Tesla’s new Roadster), TeslaCon’s upcoming online conference will feature presentations including a keynote by Robert Llewellyn of Fully Charged, along with Tesla tips and tricks from Trevor Page of Model 3 Owners Club, Zac & Jesse of Now You Know, and other influential Tesla community members (see below). 


Above: Some of the featured speakers at TeslaCon (Source: TeslaCon)

Sullins explains, "At TeslaCon you’ll be inspired by the leaders of Tesla and EV communities. Learn everything you need to get the most out of your EV. Participate in live Q&A [sessions] with your favorite youtube and online personalities." Meanwhile, the folks over at Teslarati are saying this event, "could be the Comic-Con of the Tesla community," comparing it to one of the world's largest comic and science fiction-based cultural gatherings based in San Diego.


Above: Ben Sullins, the man behind the Teslanomics youtube channel, is the brainchild behind TeslaCon (Source: TeslaCon)

Pricing ranges from $249 for an online conference ticket to $1,349 to attend in-person (including most travel-related expenses). And it's coming up in just a few days. Pre-conference workshops begin at 9:00am PST on December 15th followed by the main conference workshops beginning at 8:00am PST on December 16th.


Above: Ben Sullins discusses TeslaCon (Source: TeslaCon)

EVANNEX is proud to be sponsoring this first-time Tesla event and looking forward to getting involved in a number of ways. For instance, if you register for TeslaCon, you'll gain access to a special pre-conference presentation/Q&A with Roger Pressman, founder of EVANNEX and author of Getting Ready for Model 3. EVANNEX is also offering a variety of cool perks for registrants, so be sure to head over to TeslaCon for more info. 

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