EVANNEX Car Cover for Tesla Model X

EVANNEX Car Cover for Tesla Model X
EVANNEX Car Cover for Tesla Model X
EVANNEX Car Cover for Tesla Model X
EVANNEX Car Cover for Tesla Model X
EVANNEX Car Cover for Tesla Model X

• Custom-designed to protect your Tesla Model X from natural elements, dust, grime and even potential scratches.
• Cut to fit Model X contours with mesh openings to allow appropriate cooling air flow while charging your vehicle.
• VELCRO® closure allows access to the charging door.
• Made from a high-grade, water-resistant fabric for strength and durability, and lined to protect your vehicle finish.
• Certified for both outdoor and indoor use.
• Comes standard with a custom carrying bag.
• Available exclusively at EVANNEX.
• Usually ships the next business day. Available for international delivery.



Protect your Tesla Model X from the elements when you park it outside, and protect it from dust, grime and even potential scratches when you’re parking inside. Our Car Cover, available exclusively at EVANNEX, has been custom-designed for the Tesla Model X. It is cut to fit Model X contours and has mesh openings to allow appropriate cooling air flow while charging your vehicle. It also has a specific opening (with VELCRO® closure mechanism) to accommodate the Model X charging door. Made of an aesthetically pleasing high-grade, water-resistant fabric for strength and durability and lined to protect your vehicle finish, the Car Cover is certified for both outdoor and indoor use. The Car Cover comes standard with a custom designed carrying bag.








Material:  The car cover is fabricated from water-resistant fabric (210D Oxford fabric composite cotton) with a soft lining to protect the Tesla Model X finish. All structural seams are double stitched for strength.

Carry Bag:  The Car Cover carry bag is 19.6 inches (50cm) L x 19.6 inches (50cm)  W x 11.8 inches (30cm) H and is made from high strength, black 600D polyester fabric with white piping. It uses a zipper closure and has handles to facilitate carrying.








Written Instructions

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There are generic car covers out there. Why can't I just use one of them?

There are car covers available on-line that claim to fit Model X, but they're actually generic. Their fit is poor, allowing wind and moisture to creep under the cover. Even more important, there is no ventilation mesh and no charge port opening built into the cover. If you need to charge while the cover is on, a generic cover will block cooling air from reaching the battery—not a safe situation. In addition, you'll have to lift the rear of the cover off the car to get at the charging port. The EVANNEX Car Cover has been designed exclusively for Model X. The fit is outstanding, and the built-in mesh and charge port opening allows for safe charging, even while the cover is on the car.

Why are there mesh cutouts at the front wheels and front air dam?

To allow airflow that is required for safe vehicle charging. There is also a mesh cutout at the front air dam for the same purpose.

Can I access the charging port?

Absolutely! The CarCover has a fabric ‘door’ (actually it’s a flap) that is hinged to the Car Cover body. It covers the charge port and can be opened to enable charging. When not in use, it is swung closed and attached securely with hook and loop (VELCRO®) fasteners.

Is there any danger that the car cover will scratch my Tesla Model X?

Absolutely not. The entire car cover has a soft lining that protects the vehicle finish. However, please be certain NOT to place the Car Cover on the ground, where sand or grit can become attached to the soft inner lining of the car cover. Also, be sure that there is no obvious sand or grit on your Model X's exterior surface before you put on the car cover. As is the case for all car covers, sand or grit inside the car cover could potentially create small swirls or scratches.

Is the car cover easy to put on and take off?

Yes. We recommend loosely laying the car cover longitudinally along the hood, roof and trunk hatch of the Model S. The front contains the wheel and air dam mesh openings. Pull down each side near a side mirrors and cover the mirrors. Then work forward to cover the hood, using the lower elastic in the area of the air dam to fix the cover. Move backward across the trunk hatch to secure the rear using the elastic at the rear bottom of the Car Cover. For removal, simply reverse this process. Check out the 'Installation' tab and corresponding video for more in-depth instructions.

My Tesla Model X has a spoiler, will the Car Cover fit?

Yes! We designed the Car Cover to fit a Tesla Model X with enough "slack" to accommodate either a factory spoiler or any common aftermarket spoiler.

How is the Car Cover secured when it is placed on the Tesla Model X?

Both the front and rear lower edge of the car cover are elasticized to provide a snug secure fit across and under the front and rear bumpers. The overall Car Cover shape follows the lines of the Model X.

Can I request a custom stencil or silk screen for the hood of the car cover?

We do not offer customization services, but it would relatively easy to do custom upholstery, apply a stencil or other applique if you so desire.

Does the Car Cover come in other colors?

No. We have found that the color we provide offers good aesthetics while at the same time hiding any dirt or smudges that are a natural occurrence on any fabric over time. 

Where can I store my Car Cover when not in use?

We provide a custom carry bag designed specifically for the Car Cover. It provides zip open and zip closure. The carry bag is made from black polyester fabric with white piping. Once placed in the bag, the car cover can be stored in either the frunk or trunk.

Will the Car Cover fit the Model S as well?

No, the CarCover has been specifically designed for the Tesla Model X. 

How is the EVANNEX Car Cover different from the one offered by Tesla Motors?

Both car covers have been designed exclusively for the Tesla Model X; both have mesh openings to accommodate cooling airflow during charging; both have a specific opening to accommodate the charging door, both are lined with a soft inner fabric; both are available in a grey/taupe color; both come with a custom carrying bag. Tesla Motors offers one car cover for indoor use and another for outdoor use. The EVANNEX car cover is dual purpose and can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. The EVANNEX car cover is priced at about half the price of the Tesla Motors car cover, providing the same functionality and features at significant cost savings.

How do I clean my Car Cover, can I machine wash it?

The proper cleaning of the cover should happen with a hose, sponge and water while the car cover is on the car, like you are hand washing the car. You would not want to put our car cover in a washing machine or a dryer. Washing machines and dryers will damage the car cover.

How long does it take to receive my Car Cover order? 

The EVANNEX Car Cover usually ships within 24 business hours of receipt of order. Delivery time depends on your location relative to South Florida and is typically within three (3) days for the continental U.S.

Does Car Cover ship to international destinations?

Yes, we ship the Car Cover internationally.




Note: These reviews feature car covers for other Teslas but are constructed identical to the Tesla Model X car cover....

As seen via Tesla Joy


As seen in Teslarati

You walk up to your beloved Model S and find her defiled. The splotch of reprehensible matter could be from a tree, a bird or your drunken neighbor– but it doesn’t matter where it came from. The damage has been done. Your paint has had a crime committed against it. A brutalizing application of gravity to excrement or sap and now you’re left with just the evidence: a crime scene made of goo where Fremont’s finest finish once gleamed.

Or perhaps your circumstances are even more first-worldly, and your issue isn’t the elements but rather the lack of elements. Your Model S quietly slumbers in a vast garage or warehouse waiting for its turn to play, as the dander of the resident mice combine with traces of asbestos and pollen from a forgotten air filter to form a velvety haze on the paint from frunk to trunk. Either way, you need a car cover... The folks at EVANNEX have combined the best of both the indoor and outdoor Tesla cover into a single product.

The EVANNEX Model S car cover arrives in its own storage bag. In addition to looking good and making storage easy, the bag is critical for protecting your paint. You want the cover’s lining to be as free of “dirty tricks” as possible so you don’t scratch your paint with debris getting between the car and the cover. The bag is also generously sized. No worries about never getting it back in the bag—Whew!

The [car] cover is made of a water-resistant material and lined with a soft cotton. The fit is closely tailored to the shape of the Model S and even though the stitching pattern is different from Tesla’s offerings, I think the EVAnnex cover’s lines are more complementary to the shape. All seams are double-stitched and when bagged, the cover weighs about 10 ½ pounds... The tailoring is really well done and fits the car snugly.

The EVANNEX cover has mesh panels to accommodate the airflow necessary when charging from the fans deep in the throat of the Model S’ nose. There is also a VELCRO® flap that provides access to the charge port itself... [The car cover is] rugged enough to stand up to outdoor use. In short, you can trust it. If you need a cover, it’s with great conviction that I can say the manufacturer really pulled it off this time. - Matt Simmons, Teslarati via Tesla Pittsburgh


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