Halloween Contest For Tesla Owners


Photos:  Danielle Gutierrez, Kim Java jenstreet (via CleanTechnica), Joey Sack

Halloween is coming! So we're doing a contest for all Tesla owners out there. Send in a photo to tosca@evannex.com in order to show us your favorite Halloween-inspired Tesla photo. It can be spooky or fun but it's got to showcase the Halloween vibes and celebrate your Tesla pride.  

What's the big prize? If we choose your photo, you'll win $500 worth of free stuff* on evannex.com! And, we'll showcase your photo across social media, our newsletter to over 60,000 Tesla owners, and on our website!!

So send in your Halloween-inspired Tesla photo today to tosca@evannex.com to win!! Don't forget to tag #evannexhalloween if you post your spooky photos on social.

*Winners will receive a special one-time discount code (to be used during one shopping spree only) for $500 off products purchased on evannex.com. Note: this discount code must be used by the winner (with their corresponding email address) as this prize is non-transferrable. In addition, the discount code must be used within 30 days after the winner is announced. For more, visit our terms and conditions page.

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