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The fact that you're looking at this page indicates that you have more than passing interest in the Tesla Model 3 - the first battery electric vehicle (BEV) that protects our environment, looks like a high-end sports sedan, offers absolutely awesome tech, is priced at a level that many people can afford, and performs like cars that cost twice as much. But how much do you really know about BEVs in general and the Tesla Model 3 in particular? If your answer is, "Not much!" then Getting Ready for Model 3 is a book that's worth reading. 


Topics Covered

If you're currently on the Model 3 reservation list, the answers to these questions below will help you prepare for delivery. And if you're still unsure about Model 3, the answers to the questions below will give you the information needed to make an informed decision. Getting Ready for Model 3 is the first book that will help you answer these key questions:

  • What are the core components and concepts that make Model 3 different?
  • What exterior and interior design elements are important?
  • What do I need to know to avoid "range anxiety?"
  • What public charging networks will be available when Model 3 hits the streets?
  • How can I plan a "personal charging infrastructure" to prep for Model 3?
  • How does Model 3 achieve such high performance?
  • What autonomous driving features are likely to be available for Model 3?
  • What are the costs and cost savings associated with owning Model 3?
  • When can I realistically expect delivery of my Model 3?

About the Author

The author of Getting Ready for Model 3 is Roger S. Pressman, Founder and Director of Product Development for EVANNEX, the world's leading aftermarket Tesla accessories company. Roger is an early owner of both the Tesla Model S and Model X, and he's been driving electric for over four years.

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