EVANNEX Front License Plate Bracket V2.0 for Tesla Model X (No Bolt-on)

EVANNEX Front License Plate Bracket V2.0 for Tesla Model X (No Bolt-on)
EVANNEX Front License Plate Bracket V2.0 for Tesla Model X (No Bolt-on)
EVANNEX Front License Plate Bracket V2.0 for Tesla Model X (No Bolt-on)
EVANNEX Front License Plate Bracket V2.0 for Tesla Model X (No Bolt-on)
EVANNEX Front License Plate Bracket V2.0 for Tesla Model X (No Bolt-on)
EVANNEX Front License Plate Bracket V2.0 for Tesla Model X (No Bolt-on)

• Designed for use with North American license plates.
• Precision-engineered, unique solution which uses ultra-high strength 3M automotive adhesive.
• Weather-resistant, easy to install, and requires no drilling or bolts.
• Mounts securely in the air dam grill of your Tesla Model X.
• Does not interfere with any of the front mounted proximity and forward-looking sensors.
• Usually ships the next business day. Available for international delivery.
• Updated to version 2 in 2022 to a 1-piece design and now features the EVANNEX logo in relief

Note: Not compatible with 2020+ Model X



If you live in a state where a front license plate display is required by law (scroll down to chart below), our custom-designed bracket has you covered.

Autopilot Compatible. The EVANNEX Front License Plate Bracket for Tesla Model X is compatible with Tesla’s Autopilot functionality and will not interfere with any of the front mounted proximity and forward-looking sensors.

No Drilling or Bolt-on Connections. There is no need for drilling holes in your front bumper or bolting on the bracket to the lower air dam grill. Simply clean your air dam area thoroughly (an alcohol wipe is provided), pull the red/purple tape covering off our high-strength automotive adhesive, and adhere the bracket into place. We even provide slots that enable you to get additional mechanical support and properly position the bracket.

We developed the EVANNEX Front License Plate Bracket in response to customer requests for an alternative simpler solution that doesn't require drilling or bolt-on versions of the bracket. The EVANNEX bracket provides the same strength and function as drill and/or bolt-on brackets, but uses a different design and a high-strength adhesive for attachment—a quick and simple operation that almost anyone can perform in a few minutes.

Above: Map of states (in blue) that require a front license plate




The EVANNEX Front License Plate Bracket is constructed from 10 gauge 5052 aluminum as a single piece, finished in wrinkle black powdercoat. Our on-staff engineers carefully calculated shape for the bracket to snuggly mount to the underside of the front air damn. Lastly, we utilize high strength 3M double-sided adhesive tape for super-secure mounting, with no drilling or modification to your car of any kind.

The bottom of the bracket has three centering and support slots that are used to center it on the front bumper and to provide a mechanical connection with the vertical supports of the air dam grill structure.

The underside of the bracket uses two (2) 25mm x 250 mm high-strength double sided, automotive adhesive strips to affix the bracket to the top air dam surface. The adhesive is weather and temperature resistant and has shear and peel strength that far exceeds that required based on the forces experienced by the license plate bracket at high speed.




Installation Video





How is EVANNEX Front License Plate Bracket attached?

It’s extremely simple. You clean the lower air dam using an alcohol wipe, peel back the protective covering for the high strength automotive adhesive, center the bracket using the slots provided and press it into place. We provide full installation instructions—see 'Installation' tab.

How is the EVANNEX Front License Plate Bracket different from bolt-on brackets?

Like the EVANNEX bracket, bolt-on versions of the license plate bracket provide a secure attachment and are high quality products. However, because of the confined space and bolt-on location inside the lower air dam, the bolt-on operation can be more challenging for those who are not DIY-inclined. The EVANNEX bracket uses a high-strength adhesive for attachment—a quick and simple operation that almost anyone can perform in just a few minutes.

Why shouldn’t I just use the OEM Tesla bracket provided?

Many Model X owners think the OEM bracket sits too high on the front fascia and interrupts the sleek design and clean lines seen on the front of the vehicle. The EVANNEX Front License Plate Bracket sits much lower and does less to interfere with the front aesthetic of the vehicle.

How does the EVANNEX Front License Plate Bracket differ from Tesla's OEM bracket?

Both are made from high strength plastic and both are attached to Model X using high-strength automotive adhesives. Tesla's bracket sits higher on the front end of the vehicle, and some owners think it degrades the aesthetic of the Model X front end. The EVANNEX  Front License Plate Bracket sits much lower on the front end, allowing the sleek Model X look to be unimpeded by your license plate.

This EVANNEX Front License Plate Bracket is your "No Bolt-on" bracket. Yet you also offer a clip-on bracket as an alternate option. What's the difference between the two?

Our "No Bolt-on" bracket is made of 10 gauge 5052 aluminum and is attached to Model X using very high bond automotive adhesives. The "Clip-On" bracket is made from 1/8-inch steel and is attached using a clip-on mechanism through the air dam grill. The "No Bolt-on" bracket allows the plate to sit lower, and is as simple as possible to install.

Will the Front License Plate Bracket fit the Tesla Model S or 3?

This Front License Plate Bracket has been specifically designed for the Tesla Model X. It has not been designed for fitment on a Model S or 3. Please find appropriate license plate bracket options for Model S and Model 3 on their respective pages at evannex.com.

Will my license plate be secure?

Yes. The license plate uses high-strength automotive adhesive and secures to the lower air dam surface. High-strength automotive adhesive is commonly used on cars to secure exterior parts ranging from trim pieces to spoilers. It has also been designed to fit under the vertical supports for the air dam grill structure to provide still more support against any tipping or wind pressure force.

Can the Front License Plate Bracket be used with European or other international front license plates?

The Front License Plate Bracket has been designed for use with North American license plates and has fastening locations that conform to the dimensions of such license plates. It is not recommended for use with European plates because fastening hole patterns are different.

Will the Front License Plate Bracket get in the way of the forward-looking sensor in the lower air damn grille?

No. The sensor’s forward looking “vision” is not impeded.

The EVANNEX Front License Plate Bracket attaches to the front lower air-dam of Model X. Will the attachment mechanism impede the air venting that reside behind the grill?

No. The EVANNEX Front License Plate Bracket does not protrude past the back of the grill. No interference will occur.

Will the EVANNEX Front License Plate bracket impede air flow into the lower air dam, thereby affecting battery cooling?

The lower air dam is approximately 39” W x 3” H, providing 117 square inches of entry area for air flow. The effective area of the Evannex Front License Plate Bracket, is a small percentage of that area.  The Evannex Front License Plate Bracket has flow vents built into their design allowing air to flow under and through the lower bracket. In addition, the bracket is approximately 4 inches from the air dam vents, meaning that oncoming air streamlines have time to bend around the license plate and enter the air dam vents behind the plate. Our estimate is that the Evannex Front License Plate Bracket blocks between 1 and 2 percent of the air flow entering the air dam—a negligible amount when battery cooling is considered. It will have no appreciable effect on battery cooling.

Can the EVANNEX Front License Plate Bracket be used with or adhere to a front end "bra" or other clear plastic/vinyl/ceramic coatings designed to protect the Model X front end from road debris damage?

Do NOT use the EVANNEX Front License Plate Bracket if the top surface of the lower air dam is covered by a 'bra" or if any aftermarket clear plastic/vinyl/ceramic coatings are using in the air dam area. We recommend a bolt-on solution for your front license plate bracket, sold elsewhere on our site.

What is the distance between the back of the bracket, including license plate bolts and the Model X bumper?

The back of the EVANNEX Front License Plate Bracket is approximately 1.125 inches (~30mm) from the bumper. Using the license plate attachment bolts and lock nuts provided, the distance from the lock nut to the bumper is approximately 0.75 in. (~19mm).

What material(s) are used in the construction of the EVANNEX Front License Plate Bracket?

The EVANNEX product is constructed of 10 gauge 5052 aluminum. It is precision designed and manufactured to fit the exact geometry of the lower air dam opening. The automotive adhesive used is high-strength and is exposed simply by peeling back its protective layer and pressing into place on a clean, dry surface.

Will car washes affect the Front License Plate Bracket?

No. The adhesives used for the EVANNEX Front License Plate Bracket are not affected by water, detergents, or other environmental conditions. You can wash your Model X as you normally would. If you use automatic car washes, we would recommend the brushless variety to protect the Model X finish and also to avoid the possibility the brushes could become tangled in the license plate bracket.

Can I remove the license plate bracket?

The bracket has been designed for permanent installation. However, it can be removed by cutting the adhesive layer with fine fishing line. Complete removal instructions are provided.

Does the Front License Plate Bracket ship to international destinations?

Yes, The EVANNEX Front License Plate Bracket ships internationally.



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