Rear Seat Dual USB Port for Tesla Model S
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Rear Seat Dual USB Port for Tesla Model S

All of us use mobile devices and your rear seat passengers are no exception. Our Rear Seat Dual USB Port provides two USB charge ports that attach unobtrusively to the curved portion of the center tower, within easy reach of your rear seat passengers making it the ultimate convenience. Rear Seat Dual USB Port has been specially designed for the Model S. It uses the front 12V port (in the front of the center tower) as a power source, with sufficient cabling to the rear. Rear Seat Dual USB Port is easy to install and will provide a useful source of charging power for those in the back seat. This accessory is a do-it-yourself (DIY) installation that will take just a few minutes.



Rear Seat USB Connector
Rear Seat USB Connector




Rear Seat Dual USB Port is a small, aesthetically pleasing enclosure that contains two (2) USB ports that can be used to recharge mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.  Fabricated using high strength ABS plastic, it is available in black to blend in with the trim of the center tower. A gentle blue LED allows rear seat passengers to find the USB ports at night. The USB-Rear has a rear facing profile that blends nicely with the Model S interior design language.

Rear Seat Dual USB Port attaches to the underside of the rear center tower curve using an pull-off automotive adhesive strip (provided). The Rear Seat Dual USB Port charging connector cable has a 12V connector compatible with the Model S 12V charging port. The connector cable is attached to the underside of the curved portion of the center tower using 0.25 in. by 0.125 in. black adhesive cord clips (provided). NO tools are required for this DIY installation.




Rear Seat Dual USB Port provides two (2) USB charging ports that are connected to the front 12V port in the Model S center tower. The USB ports accommodate standard USB charging cables for mobile devices.

The Rear Seat Dual USB Port is fabricated using high strength ABS plastic and is approximately 2.2” W x 1.0” D by 0.7” H (56mm W x 25.4mm D x 17.8 H mm)

The connector cable is attached to the underside of the curved portion of the center tower using 0.25 in. by 0.125 in. black adhesive cord clips (provided). NO tools are required for DIY installation.




Installation Video

Installation Instructions

In addition to viewing the video above, please carefully read instructions before you install the Rear Seat Dual USB Port.

Overview: Rear Seat Dual USB Port has been designed for those Model S owners who want to provide USB charging access for their rear seat passengers. Rear Seat Dual USB Port is a straightforward installation and requires no drilling or special tools. Note: All Rear Seat Dual USB Port components are shown in the figure below.


Step 1.  Position the Rear Seat Dual USB Port on the underside of the curved surface at the rear of the Model S center tower. Be sure to center the Rear Seat Dual USB Port using the center vertical strut of the air conditioning vent frame (see Figure below). Once you’re satisfied with positioning, remove the adhesive backing from the Rear Seat Dual USB Port and affix the unit by pressing upward firmly.


Step 2.  Position one or more adhesive cord clips (we provide 4) to route the power cable along the underside of the curved surface of the center tower toward the passenger side. Before removing the adhesive foam backing, plan the layout of the clips. The cord should be positioned to lie flat against the underside of the curved surface. Some users opt to use black permanent magic marker to color the edge of the adhesive foam backing before they are installed.

Step 3.  Remove the adhesive foam backing for the cord clips and press them into place. IMPORTANT: Be sure that the cord clip opening faces toward the center of the tower.

Step 4.  Route the power cable around the passenger side of the center tower below seat level. Plug in the 12V connector at the front of the center tower. If you choose, you can gather excess power connector cable and use a small cable strap or “twisty” to hold it together, then push the cable down next to the seat cushion.

Your Rear Seat Dual USB Port is installed!




Where does the power come from for the Rear Seat Dual USB Port?

The Rear Seat Dual USB Port taps the 12V power supply provided in the front of the Model S center tower. The Rear Seat Dual USB Port connector cable runs from the 12V power port using a standard 12V connector around the center toward below seat level and to the back curved surface of the center tower, where the Rear Seat Dual USB Port is attached. For more on this, please view video in 'Installation' tab.

Will the Rear Seat Dual USB Port get in the way of my Model S USB ports?

No. We recommend that you route the Rear Seat Dual USB Port connector cable around the passenger side of the center tower. That way, you’ll have unfettered access to the front Model S USB ports.

Will the Rear Seat Dual USB Port charge two mobile devices at once?

The Rear Seat Dual USB Port ties into the 12V port and accommodates the charging of two USB devices at once. 

Will use of the Rear Seat Dual USB Port draw down the battery and impact range?

Any battery drain will be trivially small; there should not be any noticeable impact on range. 

How do I attach the Rear Seat Dual USB Port so that it's not obvious to the rear seat passengers?

We provide a set of cord clips that are attached via peel-off adhesive to the curved underside of the center tower. Using these cord clips, the power connector cable rests against the curved underside so that the connector cable cord is placed in a more hidden position from rear seat passenger view. For more on this, please view video in 'Installation' tab.

I do not want the connector cord to be visible at all. Is this possible?

It is, although we don’t necessarily endorse it. If you are a more sophisticated DIYer (or you work with a professional installer), you can route the Rear Seat Dual USB Port connector cable under the rear panels of the center tower. This can be accomplished by removing those panels from the center tower. You will also need to disassemble the 12V power connector to free up the power cord for routing and then drill a hole in the curved panel to enable pass through of the power cord. We do NOT provide instructions for this approach because we believe that a simpler exterior approach is much easier, less error prone, and results in a compatible end result. In addition, we will not take any responsibility for any damage or malfunction caused by this (more advanced) approach. If you prefer this advanced approach, we advise you consult/hire a professional installer.

What if I need the Model S 12V port for some other purpose?

The Model S provides only one 12V port, so you’ll have two options: (1) acquire a dual outlet 12V adapter (available from many online resources); or (2) prioritize/alternate use of Rear Seat Dual USB Port and other accessories as demand for the 12V port warrants.

Will it be hard to find the Rear Seat Dual USB Port at night?

We've designed the Rear Seat Dual USB Port with a blue LED that illuminates with a gentle blue light when the connector is plugged into the 12V power source. The blue light makes the locating the Rear Seat Dual USB Port easier at night.

What is the return policy?

You may return any EVannex® manufactured product for any reason for a period of 30 days from the date of delivery; provided that Product Registration has been completed upon receipt of product. Note: the product must be returned undamaged and with no scratches, tears, nicks, dents or wear in its original packaging, with shipping and insurance paid by the purchaser.

How long does it take to ship Rear Seat Dual USB Port ?

We target delivery between 1 to 2 weeks from the date of your order (via FedEx Ground).

Is this product available for Model S owners internationally?

Yes. International delivery is available via FedEx International. Please see our 'Shipping and Fulfillment' page for more on international shipping.




We are planning to spend our summer vacation in the Netherlands which includes a more than 10 hour drive. My kids will use their iPads to watch movies and I needed to find a way to provide continuous power to them during the long drive. I found a great dual USB port on

It comes with a cigarette lighter plug, a thin black cable and the actual USB hub. Installation was very easy. You can either use adhesive tape or crew the unit onto the underside of the center console. This is how it looks after installation [see images below]... -


Above: The thin black cable can easily be hidden using the small adhesive tape strips that are included


Above: The unit sports a nice blue led 



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