CapturePro Charging Lock for Tesla Owners
CapturePro Charging Lock for Tesla Owners
CapturePro Charging Lock for Tesla Owners
CapturePro Charging Lock for Tesla Owners
CapturePro Charging Lock for Tesla Owners

CapturePro Charging Lock for Tesla Owners

• Designed for use with all Tesla vehicles.
• Prevents unauthorized disconnections when charging your Tesla at public charging locations.
• Fits between your Tesla J1772 charging adapter and the charging handle.
• Compact and easy to store with your J1772 charging adapter.
• Usually ships the next business day. Available for international delivery.



Without protection, someone could interrupt your charging session and leave you without the power you need to continue your errands, finish your trip, or even to get home. The CapturePro charging lock, prevents those unauthorized disconnects. CapturePro allows Tesla owners to lock their own public charging station connections. This will prevent others from disconnecting your vehicle. CapturePro fits between your Tesla J1772 charging adapter and the charging handle. CapturePro charging lock protects your electric car charging session until you unlock it, it’s compact and easy to store with your Tesla J1772 charging adapter. This is a must-have for anyone that is charging on the go.

Why use CapturePro?

CapturePro solves the problem of public charging stations being unplugged by others during charging, whether the action is innocent or malicious. Whether it's a political statement or simple mischief - it can keep you from getting your car recharged. It fits between your Tesla J1772 charging adapter and the charging station connector - it locks everything together when your car locks - staying secure until the car is unlocked again by you.

CapturePro includes

- CapturePro charging lock device
- User-applied label system


- Disallows unauthorized disconnects
- Selectable locking height works for all known charging handle hook sizes - even shrouded ones
- Only makes mechanical contact with the Tesla converter - never touches the car exterior
- No loose pieces: no cables to deal with or keys to lose
- Strong, but removable (via cutting tools if absolutely necessary)
- Provided with charging status labeling kit, including optional emergency contact number.








"The CapturePro was easy to use... designed to provide a greater peace of mind while you’re away from your charging Model S." - Steve Furman, Teslarati

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Why was CapturePro developed?

There are accounts of Teslas and other Electric Vehicles (EVs) being unplugged from J1772 public chargers – these situations include simple mischief and other EV users who wanted to charge their cars before the original user was done. In any case, it seemed wrong that the public charging converter device provided by Tesla can’t lock in the same way as the native Tesla charging wand does (UMC or HPC). No matter the reason, if you are unplugged it keeps your car from being recharged – in certain situations this could inconvenience and even leave you stranded. CapturePro solves this problem of being unplugged from public chargers. It's fast and easy to use.

What does CapturePro do?

It locks the Tesla J1772 charging converter to the J1772 charging connector (handle), thus protecting your charging session while you are away.

What is a J1772 public charging station?

J1772 is the public infrastructure which most people use in North America for charging when not at home. Since Teslas have a built-in locking mechanism for capturing the converter to the car, the CapturePro uses that mechanism to lock everything together, until you unlock the charging port.

But won't I only be using Tesla Superchargers or Tesla Destination Chargers?

Possibly. But, we feel it's better to be prepared for all charging scenarios. And, although the Tesla endemic charging network is growing fast, it's quite possible that you might need to use a J1772 public charging station during a long road trip or another instance (when Tesla Superchargers are simply out of reach) and the CapturePro is designed for this reason.

How does it unlock?

The easiest and simplest way to unlock the charging port and disconnect the charging connector (plus adapter) is to press the disconnect button on the J1772 charging connector handle. When the disconnect button is pressed: the charger signals the car to end the charging session, the charge port unlocks, and you can then remove the charger.

What is CapturePro material made of?

It's an engineering polymer, meant to meet the best compromise between strength in normal use, and removability in an emergency case where it must be removed. A metal part might, in a highly unlikely situation, permanently lock the Tesla to a charging station and keep the car from moving from that location -- this situation is unacceptable, so we utilized strong plastic. Also, it allows predictable failure under direct attack, rather than causing damage to the car finish or failure of the charging system.

Which J1772 connectors correspond to the CapturePro slot numbers?

Our current knowledge is that each charging network utilizes different charging handles, so the directory would not always be valid for all stations. We felt is was easier to suggest that users simply adjust the CapturePro each time for the best fit, using the slot numbers as an easy reference for known stations (see "Video" tab).

What is the red and green label for?

The red label clearly indicates to other users of public infrastructure charger that you are using the charger and it is locked. The green label optionally provides your emergency contact number, and indicates that others may remove the charger. Therefore, use CapturePro when you don't want others to disconnect the charger, and don't utilize it when you are OK with other EV owners removing the charger for their use. Note: we suggest that all EV users show respect to other users by never leaving a public charger connected to a car beyond the required time of charging -- it needlessly denies others the use of the charger.

Does the CapturePro touch the car body in any way?

No. Please note: the CapturePro is wedged snugly onto the J1772 converter, and the Tesla charging connector traps the CapturePro between the converter and the car. Since the CapturePro is weaker than the charging connector, and it's wedged into that space tightly, inserting, adjusting or removing the CapturePro is designed to not touch, scratch or mark anything on the car.

What if someone tries to remove the CapturePro?  What would they do, and could they damage the car or charger?

This was considered strongly in the design of CapturePro -- the product designer wanted to provide a strong locking function, but not to invite further efforts that would damage the charging system or the car in any way (including the paint/body). Therefore, if someone attempts removal with CapturePro in place, they would likely wedge a tool between the charging handle hook and the CapturePro, and not anywhere against the body of the car - this would likely break the lock cleanly and allow the miscreant to access the charger without further efforts. Note, they would still not be able to steal the converter - it's exactly the same as a charging arrangement without the CapturePro: the converter stays locked until you unlock the charging port.

I have more questions, where can I find answers?

Please see the other tabs -- especially "Video" tab and "Instructions" tab in order to find answers to any other questions. Or, simply contact us and we'll provide answers.

What is the shipping time frame of this product?

The EVANNEX CapturePro usually ships within 24 business hours of receipt of order. Delivery time depends on your location relative to South Florida and is typically within three (3) days for the continental U.S.

Does CapturePro work outside of the US?

CapturePro works with any J1772 connector, worldwide. Please note: since J1772 can carry 2-phase 120 and 240V, it should work in most European locations, but we cannot guarantee that it will work in all locations. Also please note: three-phase 240V is prevalent in many international locations, and J1772 isn't 3-phase compatible. Also, please note: since CapturePro is completely mechanical, it wouldn't be affected by voltage levels.

Do you ship CapturePro internationally?

Yes, the Capture Pro is available for international shipping. 



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