Is the Tesla P85D really that good?

Many media outlets have raved about the Tesla P85D. Consumer Reports originally stated that "the Tesla Model S was the best car we've ever tested." Now, they want the P85D to give their readers a "glimpse into the future of the automotive industry" and actually just bought it's own P85D to do some exhaustive track-testing. 

 tesla model s P85D

In fact, today they released a video to unveil the P85D at their Consumer Reports offices. What was Jake Fischer, Consumer Reports' Auto Test Director's reaction to the P85D when he stomped on the accelerator? He said something a bit uncharacteristic of the dry, conservative reviews typically seen in Consumer Reports: "Holy Sh**!" -- take a look...


And, this past week, Dan Neil from the Wall Street Journal also reported, in it's review: Tesla Model S: The Future is Here, "... the P85D can go from what I’ll call 'standing there' to 'going like hell' (100 mph) in a breathless, jaw-clenching eight seconds. It’s Six Flags over Silicon Valley. In the one-eighth mile, the P85D just buries elite super four-seaters such as the Ferrari FF and the Porsche Panamera Turbo." He proclaims, "The all-electric Tesla Model S is a daring public experiment in automotive vision that makes the finest, fastest luxury cars feel like Edwardian antiques."

What was the report card from -- straight A's (well, almost)... and they reported: "Saying the Tesla Model S P85D is one of the best electric cars available is in fact doing it a disservice. With its great range, phenomenal interior, crazy amounts of power and a suite of driver-assist systems, the P85D is actually one of the best cars in the world. Period."

Then, even in Motor Trend magazine, where the readership typically skews in favor of gearheads with gas flowing through their veins, the all-electric Tesla P85D took the crown in a reader poll as the biggest American Bad*** unseating the usual fan favorite (and ongoing nemesis), the Dodge Hellcat.

Motor trend magazine tesla model s P85D vs dodge hellcat 

Source: Motor Trend

This doesn't simply apply to U.S. media outlets, it also includes reviews in an ever-important market, China. A few days ago, Auto Home China, did a glowing review, claiming the P85D, "... has surpassed 99.9999999999% of the cars on the market" -- check out their full video review below, subtitles included.


Already, the P85D, has improved it's 0-60 MPH time (to 3.1 seconds) with its most recent software update so it should be fun to see how the ever-improving car's performance can get even better. Tesla CEO Elon Musk teased this possibility on Twitter with a few celeb deejays who recently purchased the Model S, check out what he hints at... 

 Elon Musk tweeting with EDM dj zedd about tesla model s P85D 0-60

Yes, Elon... we want this!  Indeed, we're really looking forward to seeing how the P85D may improve it's (already) breathtaking performance.