Tesla Eye Candy, Exhibition 3

We're continuing our series of the most unique, unusual, beautiful, and noteworthy Tesla "Eye Candy" we've come across in our digital travels. As Tesla grows, we continue to see more and more stunning images of the car -- often taken directly by their owners. 

And, a special tribute: this Memorial Day weekend, we want to to honor and remember those who served our country. 

From top to bottom: 1. the location of this photo is at the "Tesla Factory" and it appears someone has mini Tesla Superchargers on their desk charging their phone... Tesla - please make these!; 2. someone can't wait to get his Tesla Powerwall, so this weekend he's embarking on a DIY project to make his own; 3. SS Customs created this #TeslaVets tribute Model S last year for Tesla Motors, here is an amazing image from a recent photo shoot; 4. one of the new Model S colors, Deep Blue Metallic, looks very, very good in this photo; 5. a starry Tesla Model S phone background, just beautiful


Instagram: @cfdrift@jehuagarcia@richardlephoto@liqyani@xpunkrockdriferx

When Tesla Motors announced the new Model S 70D variant, they also introduced some new color options including Deep Blue Metallic and Titanium Metallic. And, in turn, photographer Anton Watts (who did the 70D photo shoot for Tesla Motors) actually released a revealing behind-the-scenes video showing how he and his team captured these brilliant new Tesla Model S colors with his Phase One IQ250 camera system. Check it out below...


Youtube: Phase One

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