Tesla Eye Candy 16 / Hydrogen vs. Electric Cars

In this week's edition of Tesla Eye Candy, we received some weekend hints on Instagram that the Tesla Model X may be coming very soon. And we were right. Tesla CEO Elon Musk and his wife Talulah Riley posted some cool Instagram photos of the Model X production line and Elon standing by a chopper at the Tesla Factory (looking very Bond villain I might add)... and yesterday yet another celeb joined the Tesla club, Oprah Winfrey. More great images below...

From top to bottom: 1. Elon Musk's wife Talulah Riley posts on Instagram, "It's a Tesla weekend..." 2. Then Elon Musk (himself) posts on Instagram, "Bringing up Tesla Production Line 2. 542 robots in total with 15 operating simultaneously at the central assembly point. And people wonder why I'm worried about the robocalypse..." 3. Oprah posts on Instagram, "Test driving my new Tesla with dealer Dan. Love it!!" 4. An artist's concept sketch of a new Tesla Supercharger 5. Tesla en route via train transport in Austria

Instagram: @talulahrm@elonmusk@oprah@miguelharry_@solvenia_auto

This week, BMW boldly came forward and said all its models will be all-electric* in ten years. However, not all automakers are placing their bets on electric vehicle technology as the future. To that end, we just can't understand all the hype behind hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. We’re baffled by “big auto” placing its bets on such inferior technology — especially Toyota with its Mirai — in fact, we created an infographic to showcase the vast differences between the Mirai and Model S. In addition, we came across this compelling video that demonstrates how disadvantaged hydrogen fuel cell tech is versus the vastly more simple, universal all-electric approach. Even better, this video also includes Tesla CEO Elon Musk presenting his POV on the clear advantages of electric vehicles over hydrogen...

Youtube: 5 hours ahead

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*Note: one of our readers mentioned that the BMW statement included the use of "range extenders" with the electric drivetrain as noted in this article. Our reader said (and I agree) that: "They [BMW] just can't seem to get past the ICE embelicle cord."