More information revealed about Tesla Model X

As Tesla Model X anticipation reaches “frenzy" levels pre-launch, we’ve been anxiously tracking any new information out there that we can uncover for you. And, lucky for us… we have a few intriguing tidbits to share.

According to Ecomento, due to the Tesla Model X unique “falcon wing” rear doors, the SUV can’t have any roof rack for carrying kayaks, paddle boards, bicycles, or skis the way many other SUVs do. To address that issue, Tesla now offers Model X buyers a choice of two trailer hitch receivers. One is a unit that can tow up to 5,000 lbs. The other is a special receiver that is compatible with a number of hitch accessories already on the market (see image below). Buyers will also be able to purchase a “streamlined diffuser plate” to fit into the receiver when not being used for towing or accessories. 


And, according to Teslarati, new images (see below) have emerged on the Tesla website that show the second and third row seats configured for hauling cargo. They appear to show the third row seats folded flat but the second row pushed forward with the backs upright. It looks as if there are some boxes set flat on the floor between the second and third row seats. But, even with these photos questions remain... How do the second row seats slide? Do the two outer seats move forward independently to allow access to the third row seats? If so, how does the middle seat in the second row move forward and back? Interior photos (that we've seen thus far of the Model X) seem to suggest that the second row seats will slide along a guided track. We'll keep you posted if/when we discover more.


Also, Teslarati reported that Tesla Motors has officially sent out the first invitations (see image below) to the upcoming September 29th Tesla Model X launch event at the Fremont factory. In typical Tesla fashion, the invitation teases with just a smidgen of information. Most prominent are the falcon wing doors along with a first look at the new headlight design – these were previously masked off (as seen in prior spy shots). Tesla held a similar launch event for the Model S back in 2012 at the Fremont, California factory. And with any Tesla event, we know the world will be watching as they debut this highly-anticipated electric crossover SUV.


Bloomberg also reports (see their video below) that Tesla Model X was designed with a heavier focus on a specific "feature set” that would attract women to the new SUV in addition to men. Check it out...


Last, we already know that there's plenty of rabid Russian Tesla fans — to that end, it looks like even the Moscow Tesla Club is hyping the Model X, check out this very cool Instagram clip…


We have our Model X reserved and we're hungry for more information so we'll be sure to keep you updated as we learn more about the Tesla Model X.