Tesla Eye Candy 31 / Infrared Camera

In this installment of Tesla Eye Candy, another one of our VIPs sent in a very cool shot of his Tesla Model S and the best part -- his license plate reads, "INSANE D" on his P85D. What's funny is that you have a "B" (for "Belgium") in front of every licence plate in Belgium, so his plate actually also reads "B INSANE" or "Be INSANE"! Also, we've got some more photos from Instagram, including a great shot of the Pulse ADV1 wheels and that amazing Tesla Model X with a special metallic vinyl wrap to show support for our veterans. And, it's great to see a Model S and Model X charging next to one another, and, some Tesla Model S vehicles enjoying the winter snow, both outside and inside (see our video below) of the car...

Source: @hubert.decock

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For our Tesla Eye Candy video, we came across clear visual proof of how effective the Tesla Model S  Subzero Weather Package (which provides heating to the seats and steering wheel) is via a special FLIR infrared thermal imager device. The video also showcases wiper blade defrosters and washer nozzle heaters. As the winter freeze begins for many Model S owners, it's reassuring to see the Tesla Model S Subzero Weather Package in action...

*Source: Internet Dude

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