P90D takes on German car critic, wins. [Tesla Eye Candy 38]

We're back! It's been awhile since we've featured our most popular blog series, Tesla Eye Candy, as the Tesla news has remained pretty steady over the holidays... Gigafactory photos, Consumer Reports awards, social media accolades, etc. But don't fret, we've been glued to Instagram (as always) working to find you the best Tesla images from all over the world. Our #1 pick, immediately below, could be a result of our holiday jaunt up north... yes, it's really cold! Nevertheless, we've been seeing Tesla Model S vehicles everywhere taking on the freezing temperatures with ease. Other photos below include some scenic settings (including recharging at that ultra-cool Tesla Amsterdam location) and a new Tesla Model X owner. Sure, he got his "X" early... but it might be a special "inside" connection. It turns out that the Model X owner, Kimbal Musk, is actually the brother of Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk. Congrats Kimbal!

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For this edition of Tesla Eye Candy, we're featuring a very satisfying video. It's from the German automotive media outlet, Autogefühl. With German automotive powerhouses like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and Porsche right in his backyard -- you could tell this discerning reviewer wanted to take down the American carmaker. But, he couldn't. He was completely won over by the Tesla P90D. He explains, "Tesla is doing what others just think about” and when reviewing the center stack touchscreen, he says: “from all the functions here, every other car is looking like it’s from the past century.” In closing, the reviewer admits that the Tesla Model S P90D is: “one of the best cars we've driven ever." Wow. It's a smart, thorough, and thoughtful review -- if you've got interest in the Tesla P90D, we certainly recommend you check it out (note: video is all in English)...

Source: @Autogefühl

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