Tesla Eye Candy, Exhibition 4

Continuing our "Tesla Eye Candy" series this week, we came across some mysterious, kitschy, fun, and beautiful imagery. As the Tesla movement grows worldwide, we're excited to see how Model S owners (and fans) embrace the Model S, in all it's beauty, in photos and videos across the web.

Alright... so let's get to it. What did we find this week?

Photos, from top to bottom: 1. Yes, an 80's kitschy Tesla ode to Knight Rider, it looks like someone transformed the Model S nose cone to look like Kitt's front grille; 2. Looks like one of those mysterious crates delivered to a villain in a James Bond flick, but, the old logo is a clue (perhaps) that it's a Tesla Roadster motor inside; 3. Okay, we definitely like this Tesla fan's choice of nail polish; 4. Ben & Jerry's drove its super-cool Model S this week to the Tesla Fremont factory to introduce their new "Save our Swirled" flavor; 5. a truly heavenly photo of a white Tesla Model S.


Source: stickylifephotos / Nate from StickyLife.com; Instagram: @cmed_206@socal_sarah@justingural@threash

It's amazing that Tesla Motors spends a total $0 on traditional advertising but still has some of the coolest "ad" campaigns (created by owners, enthusiasts, and fans). A shining example of this comes from the folks at Digital Giant. A few months back, Digital Giant created this beautiful, striking video that (in their words) they, "hope appeals to the sci-fi junky and car enthusiast alike. This made working with a Tesla Model S the obvious choice of vehicle. Tesla is not only a brand we identify with on all levels, it is a case of automotive fiction meeting science fact, and to drive one is to understand that the game has changed." We love it, and... if this isn't yummy Tesla "eye candy" -- I don't know what is...



Source: Digital Giant

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