Finding Religion: Are most electric vehicle owners converting to Tesla?

This weekend, I was able to attend two different National Drive Electric Week events here in Florida. I've been attending these events for years and they're always a lot of fun. It gives me an opportunity to check out new electric vehicles and meet other electric vehicle (EV) owners. This year, I had an epiphany — nearly every EV owner I met had pre-ordered a Tesla Model 3. And, many other non-Tesla EV owners had just purchased a new, inventory or CPO Tesla Model S. It appeared, in this ultra-small sample size, as if Tesla was converting other EV owners to their brand in a really, really big way.

From left to right: Jorge Sierra, creator of Radar Alerts, Roger Pressman, author of Getting Ready for Model 3, and Nick Howe, author of Owning Model S

That said, old school Tesla owners were out in full force. We met plenty of Model S owners and a handful of brand new Model X owners as well. Check out the stunning Tesla Roadster in yellow with black wheels. And, it was pretty cool to get a chance to meet a Toyota RAV4 EV owner here in Florida who had picked up his somewhat-rare SUV (with battery pack and other power train components supplied by Tesla Motors) on the west coast. 

Another interesting development — these National Drive Electric Week events had more attendees, more electric cars, and more car companies representing EVs with dedicated booths. Very encouraging. To that end, I was able to capture some photos to showcase the wide variety of EVs I encountered — check out the gallery below. I saw everything from the "Tron" style all-electric police motorcycle (first image) to an all-electric "Lambo-greeny" (last image). But, what really caught my attention was the fact that nearly every owner of every electric vehicle I photographed (see below) told me they had a Tesla on order...

In any event, we had a blast during this year's National Drive Electric Week get-togethers and wanted to thank the organizers from both the Space Coast EV club and West Palm Beach sustainability program for inviting us to their two events this past weekend — we're looking forward to next year's events.