How to enhance the look of your Tesla

Back in 2012, when Tesla launched the Model S, the car was a marvel to behold. It was a rarity on the streets. Not anymore. It seems that Teslas are everywhere. Even the newer Model X is becoming a fairly regular sight nowadays. Although Tesla allows you to configure your Tesla with different paint and wheels, the options are limited. The big question is: how do you make the car your own?

Individuality is a hallmark of car ownership. This is especially true with Tesla owners. Just by owning a Tesla, you're different. You field questions about charging, range, regenerative braking, and autopilot that virtually no other cars (on the road today) have to answer. That said, as Teslas become increasingly common on today's roads, it's fun to give your car a "signature look" that's your own. Something distinctive. We want to make the perfect car, perfect for you. For that, we've got some fun options to check out.

One of our most popular subtle, yet eye-catching modifications has to do with lighting effects for your Tesla Model S. That signature chrome strip directly above the license plate has TESLA marked in slightly raised letters. What if it was backlit? Check out our Lighted Emblem so that you can show your Tesla pride. Or, perhaps, you'd just like the opportunity to light up the "T" logo (on both the front and rear) of the vehicle. In that case, check out our Lighted T options. And, to brighten up your interior, check out our LED lighting upgrade kit.

One popular method to create an altogether new look for your Tesla is to change the factory wheels to aftermarket wheels. In that case, we've got a variety of stunning aftermarket wheels for both the Model S and Model X. And we specialize in wheels that are factory compatible and custom-designed for Tesla owners — they allow you to keep your factory center cap, TPMS, lug nuts, and tires. For a more subtle accent to the exterior of your car, check out our wheel accessories. We have lug nuts and wheel locks in different colors. We've also got our Wheel Bands rim protection product in a variety of colors to create a sporty, pinstripe effect. And, check out our Caliper Covers for that big brake look with a pop of red behind the wheel.

Ultra-light and incredibly strong, carbon fiber has become a popular material used on race cars and high-end performance vehicles. It also looks beautiful. Tesla offers (for a premium) a carbon fiber trim finish option with the interior of its vehicles. But, what about the exterior? Tesla's factory spoiler (although expensive) is also available in a matte carbon fiber. However, we offer some alternatives — a variety of gloss carbon fiber spoilers at competitive price points. In addition, we've got other carbon fiber "accents" for the exterior including carbon fiber appliqués and mirror covers

Be sure to check out some of these options to help you customize and individualize your Tesla to your liking...