Here's how to rent a Tesla on your next vacation

If you're a Tesla owner, there's nothing worse than having to rent a noisy, slow, sputtering gas guzzler on your vacation. You'll want the silent speed of your Tesla to enjoy yourself on the road. And if you don't own a Tesla, there's no better time to try one out than on your next trip — what's better than driving your first Tesla on vacation?


Above: Enjoy a Tesla on your next vacation (Image: InsideEvs)

Conde Nast Traveller reports*, "Sure, you could test drive a Tesla at the store, but wouldn’t the experience be better on an island in Hawaii? The all-electric luxury vehicles and their charging stations are getting easier to find, and they’re making their way into hotels. Many resorts and hotels have started offering Teslas to guests looking to take one for a weekend spin." Here's a few ways to get the Tesla experience on your next vacation.

Traditional car rental

It turns out that: "Both Enterprise and Hertz offer Teslas in select cities. Enterprise offers the Model S through its Exotic Car Collection at select locations in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Nevada, Texas, and Washington. Hertz offers a Model S in select locations as well, but be forewarned, your $179/day rental only includes 75 miles a day. " Avis is getting in on the Tesla action in Norway. And, if you want to get behind the wheel of a P100D next time you travel to London, try EV Hire


Above: Tesla is available at rental car companies like Hertz (Image: Trip Nieuws)

Rent from Tesla owners

There are some other great options, including: "Car rental service Turo [who] specializes in luxury vehicles (although it offers a range). Vehicles listed on the site are typically owned by individuals who use the service to make extra money off their car when they’re not driving it. Teslas on the site range from older Model S vehicles to brand new Model Xs. Since the inventory is owned by individuals, you can find the vehicles all over the United States and Canada. GetAround has a similar business model, and offers a wide range of Teslas for rent as well." There's even one Tesla owner who rents his Model S to drive during the day and sleep in at night.


Above: Steve Sasman's Model S transformed into a 'Tesla Hotel' (Image: Tesla Renter)

Take a test drive at a hotel

More and more vacation destinations have a Tesla on-site. "Guests at the Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko Olina can borrow a Tesla Model S or X for the day. Penthouse and Presidential Suite guests can enjoy the cars for the duration of their trip, and all guests who book specialty suites can book up to 48 hours with one of the cars. Kids can even get in on the action, with an on-site Tesla Model S Radio Flyer."


Above: Tesla Model S is Virgin Hotel's in-house car service vehicle (Source: ChicagoInno)

And that's not all, "The Standard [Hotel] offers Teslas for guests to use overnight when you book a corresponding room package. The Mandarin Oriental, Miami also offers Tesla Model S vehicles for guests to rent during their stay." The Mandarin Hotel in New York, the Delmar Hotel in Greenwich, and the W Hotel Hong Kong also have Teslas on-site. And Elon Musk's pal, Richard Branson, decided to make a Tesla Model S the official "house car" at the Virgin Hotel in Chicago.

Try out a Tesla at a vacation home

Vacation homes are another option: "Kukui’ula, a resort and real-estate community on the South Shore of Kauai, has Tesla batteries in several of its vacation homes. One home set to be completed this month will come with a Tesla Model X in the garage... In New York, Teslas are the house cars at 1 Hotel Central Park and 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge." And there are more luxury buildings across the country that offer the Tesla experience.


Above: Miami Beach condo with its 'Tesla house car' at 3900 Alton which will offer electric vehicle charging stations as well (Source: Mansion Global)

Take a ride in a Tesla car service

Sometimes it's easier to sit back and let someone else do the driving — and we don't mean using Tesla's self-driving Autopilot feature. If you want to travel in style between Los Angeles to Sin City, try out Tesloop and grab an open seat to Vegas for about $85. In Chicago, try a Watts on Wheels Tesla. For Tesla limo service in beautiful Sydney Australia, try Evoke. And for city-to-city transport in Europe, try the Tesla Shuttle service.


Above: Headquartered in Poland, Tesla Shuttle will chauffeur you between European cities (Image: Tesla Shuttle)

If you travel to Canada and stop in Quebec City, be sure to take a ride in Christian Roy's Tesla Taxi. And if you fly to Amsterdam, there's a good chance you'll be picked up curbside by one of Schiphol Airport's 167 Tesla taxis. Flying out to Hollywood for an awards show? Get Morgan Freeman's security guard to personally chauffeur you to the Oscars in MOTEV's Tesla Model X. Then again, you could get really decadent and travel in elongated style in the first-ever Tesla Model S stretch limo.


*Source: Conde Nast Traveller