ELLuminer2—Trunk Lighting for Tesla Model S
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ELLuminer2—Trunk Lighting for Tesla Model S

The ELLuminer2 Lighting Package provides you with a new, super-bright lighting source for the trunk space in your Model S. When your Model S is parked in a low light area (e.g., a parking garage or outdoors at night), standard trunk lighting may not illuminate the trunk enough, making it difficult to see and/or locate stored items.

The ELLuminer2 Lighting Package is an essential accessory for Model S owners who prefer improved trunk lighting. It is comprised of two high power, low-profile super-bright white LED panel arrays with fully-compatible connectors that have been specially designed to fit the Tesla factory wiring apparatus in the Model S trunk. A straightforward install, ELLuminer2 allows you to increase and vastly improve brightness and visibility in your Model S trunk. 

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ELLuminer2 is the next generation version of our original lighting package, ELLuminer. It provides brighter light, straightforward installation, at a better price point for Model S owners who prefer improved trunk lighting. ELLuminer2 is a straightforward install. The ELLuminer2 lighting package is comprised of two high power, low-profile super-bright white panel arrays have been specially designed to fit the Tesla factory wiring apparatus in the Model S trunk. Increase and improve brightness and visibility in your Model S trunk with ELLuminer. ELLuminer2 has been designed for installation in both older and new Model S vehicles, with connectors that can adapt to the wiring configuration in your Model S.

"I installed your trunk lighting in my wife's Model S and it is an excellent product! She is in sales and is in her trunk a lot. Easy to install. Great product." - Steve Kelly, Morgan Hill, CA

Before and After

Tesla Model S Elluminer trunk lighting package Tesla Model S Elluminer trunk lighting package


The following photo below shows the Model S trunk at night without Elluminer2 (see below).



The following photo shows the Model S with Elluminer2 lighting installed (see below).





ELLuminer2 is an easy-to-install lighting package comprised of two low-profile super-bright white panel LED arrays with compatible wiring and connectors that fit the Tesla factory wiring for vastly improved trunk lighting.  LED lights are extremely bright yet remain very energy efficient. ELLuminer2 uses an 18 LED array (44mm x 23mm) that provides excellent illumination of the floor of trunk from its installed location. The LED array is affixed to the underside of the OEM plastic parcel shelf trim piece on both the driver and passenger sides.


All ELLuminer2 wiring is channeled behind the trunk liner to remain out-of-sight blending in nicely with existing trunk design. The ELLuminer2 has a minimal electrical draw — 0.16 amps at 13.8 - 14.3 volts. There is no need for a fuse upgrade. Because the ELLuminer2 LED arrays are specially designed to wire directly into the Tesla factory trunk lighting circuit, ELLuminer2 will turn on automatically when the trunk hatch is opened and off when it is closed.

About the Manufacturer

The ELLuminer2 trunk lighting solution has been designed and manufactured by Installz Installations. The owner of the company is a Tesla Model S enthusiast who applied his years of experience as a MECP (Mobile Electronics Certified Professional) Installer and created this unique trunk lighting solution for the Tesla Model S.




Why do I need additional lighting in my Trunk?

The Model S comes standard with one or two small LED lights in the trunk. Many Model S owners want more illumination the trunk area, so that after dark they can easily find stored items placed in the trunk or in the trunk foot well. Because of the placement of standard lighting in the trunk, the floor area that is removed from the rear of the trunk is rather dark at night. ELLuminer2 illuminates the entire trunk area with it's bright array of LED lights.

How does ELLuminer2 lighting switch ON?

The ELLuminer2 lighting package is connected directly into the circuit that controls existing standard lights in the truck . Therefore, ELLuminer lighting switches on automatically whenever you open the rear hatch. When the rear hatch is closed, ELLuminer2 switches off.

Is installation difficult?

Installation does require some automotive DIY (do-it-yourself) skills, but generally, the ELLuminer2 lighting package can be installed by the Model S owner who is relatively handy. Detailed instructions and a video are provided. If you feel uncomfortable with this installation for any reason, we recommend that you engage a professional installer to do the work for you.

Are there any special installation requirements for “older” Model S vehicles?

Some Model S vehicles sold prior to June 2014 (“older vehicles”) may use slightly different materials and wiring. The trunk liner for “older” vehicles is stiffer than the liner used for vehicles sold after approximately June 2014. As a consequence, for older vehicles, it may be necessary to remove the upper plastic trim before you can pull out the trunk liner. In addition, the wiring harness may be slightly different than the one described in our installation instructions and may require minor adaptation for the appropriate electrical connection. With cars older than June 2014, unless you are an experienced automotive DIYer, we recommend that you use a professional installer for installation work on these older Model S vehicles.

How long will it take to install?

That will vary with the individual installer, but in general, installing ELLuminer2 trunk lighting shouldn't take more than one hour.

Will there be visible wires after I install ELLuminer2?

No. Wires can be easily hidden by following the installation instructions. 

Will ELLuminer2 work with all Model S trunk lighting configurations, including the "Premium Lighting" option I chose when I configured my Model S?

Yes. This kit will work with all Model S builds with or without Premium Lighting. The kit is made to adapt to both configurations.

Do I need to know about auto electronics to do this install?

Not necessarily. All connections are made using connecting clips that conform to existing lighting assemblies. There is no wire splicing required. You do not have to tap any fuses or do anything else that might be considered more complex.

If I prefer to get ELLuminer2 installed by a professional installation, where can I find a competent professional installer locally?

We recommend you try to find an experienced professional installer that specializes in the installation of automotive aftermarket audio, lighting, and electronics with experience working on Tesla vehicles. If you happen to live in the tri-state area, you may contact us as we know of a specific certified installer (for this particular product) in the area.

What is the ELLuminer2 lighting source?

ELLuminer2 uses an 18 LED white panel array (sized 44 x 23mm) that provides excellent illumination from its installed location under the OEM plastic parcel shelf trim piece on both the driver and passenger side. LED lights have an extremely long life and are energy efficient.

How many amps does ELLuminer2 draw when in use?

The ELLuminer2 has a minimal draw — 0.16 amps at 13.8 - 14.3 volts.

Is there a fuse upgrade that needs to be done when installing ELLuminer2?


What should I do with Tesla's OEM lighting housing if I have the premium lighting package?

A female adapter is provided with ELLuminer2 wiring. The ELLuminer2 female adapter connects to the OEM light housing.

Is there a Return Policy and/or Product Warranty?

Yes, you have up to 30 days to return the product, and, one (1) year warranty for any product that is defective.

How long does it take to receive my order?

For the ELLuminer2, you can expect delivery between 2 to 4 weeks from the day you place your order. 

Does the ELLuminer2 product ship internationally?

Yes, the ELLuminer2 does ship internationally using FedEx International. For more information, check out our Shipping and Fulfillment page.




A helpful step-by-step installation video and written installation instructions are available for ELLuminer2.

Installation Video


Installation Guide

Installation PDF File


ELLuminer2 Installation



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