Tesla Eye Candy, Exhibition 5

In this edition of Tesla Eye Candy, we wanted to showcase some unusual images of Tesla owners using their Model S for different/unique purposes. We know the Tesla Model S is super-fun to drive. But, check out how these Model S owners are utilizing their car...

Top to bottom: 1. Whoa, this Tesla Model S is being used as a parachute landing pad; 2. According to @audir2, he was using his Tesla Taxi as a "Tesla Rollercoaster" -- something we also do; 3. Forget using a John Deere lawnmower, why not use your Model S to cut the lawn on weekends?; 4. Tesla Model S trunk that doubles as a "pet limo"; 5. Yes, the Model S can be the ultimate mountain bike companion/carrier


Source: @teslamotorsbergenunofficial@audir2@teslamaniya@fearndesire@vsport.no

Even if Wall Street analysis is a bit too mundane for you, we think you'll find this TSLA research video pretty dynamic. It provides a refreshing view (backed by in-house research) from an analyst that covers the automotive sector -- a unique glimpse into Tesla's disruptive vision from a quirky, but compelling video vignette titled "Why Tesla Motors Might Be the World's Most Important Car Company" from analyst Adam Jonas at Morgan Stanley. It's fast-paced and filled with intriguing factoids on why Tesla Motors remains such a potent investment opportunity...


Secondary source, Youtube user: Norman Tanner; Primary Source: Morgan Stanley Research

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