This Cyber Monday, get creative like these Tesla-owning celebs [Video]

As Tesla continues ramp up its fourth quarter vehicle deliveries, many owners are looking for something to make their car a bit more distinctive. Celebrities are no exception. Let's take a look at a few stars who've modified their Tesla in some unexpected ways. It looks like they've chosen to customize their car to reflect their own individuality, creativity, and nonconformity. 


Above: Superstar DJ deadmau5 shows off his Tesla Model S which he wrapped in bright green and adorned with his own customized TE5LA license plate (Source: AutoevolutionAutoevolution)

Skateboarding legend and sports icon, Tony Hawk, connected with us in order to add our Center Console Insert into his carbon fiber Model S interior. He also installed some new TS117 wheels in black to match his vehicle's all-black exterior. And check out his Tesla-inspired skateboarding video — definitely a novel way to show off the rear-facing camera feature.


Top: Tony Hawk using our Center Console Insert and showing off his Model S "chrome delete" along with black TS117 wheels; Bottom: Hawk shows off a new use for the rear facing camera (Images: Al & Ed's Autosound West Hollywood, Video: RIDE Channel)

Yes, Tesla rocks. But what would happen if a Model S got a complete "rock and roll" makeover? Using a red, black and gold color palette, the Count's Kustoms team repainted Dee Snider's Tesla Model S so it'd look more comfortable pulling up to a hard rock concert instead of a pretentious, chi chi restaurant. Yes, it makes a statement. But, then again... so did Twisted Sister.


Above: Dee Snider's Model S includes our Center Console Insert, Lighted TCarbon Fiber accents, Ghost Gold TS115 Wheels, and Trunk Wing Spoiler (Source: History Channel's Counting Cars)

Britain's alternative metal group, Bring me the Horizon, is head up by lead singer Oli Sykes. Our servers almost broke when Sykes' millions of followers on social media checked out his new tricked-out Tesla on our blog. Here's a look at his matte black ultra-sinister Model S featuring some of our accessories.

Above: Sykes contacted us about customizing his Tesla and got the red caliper covers, red vinyl "T" for center capsblade spoiler, and Lighted T (Source: Drop Dead, @olobersyko; Photo credits: Tom Sykes, Seven Points)

But, it's not just rock acts that like to customize their Tesla. R&B star and Grammy-award winning artist Lionel Richie created a truly bespoke interior with our Center Console Insert as the centerpiece to help create a luxe look coupled with Tesla's "piano" black-gloss trim finish. His Model S exterior features a "chrome delete" and was outfitted with some stunning TS112 wheels in all black.


Above: Lionel Richie's customized Model S with our Center Console Insert, quilted upholstery stitching, Tesla logos in the headrests, and monogrammed "LBR" floor mats (Images: Al & Ed's Autosound West Hollywood; @lionelritchie)

We had to save the most wild Tesla "remix" for last. Music producer and member of the grammy award winning group, Black Eyed Peas, decided to transform his Model S into a one-of-a-kind custom car that looks unlike any other Model S on the road today. It turns out actually owns a car tuning/body kit company called I.Am.Auto and he had the transformation done at West Coast Customs — his intergalactic Model S looks like something a storm trooper would drive.


Above: A before-and-after look at's Tesla — about the only thing he kept from the original was the white exterior (Source: Sun Motors UK; Jason Toney Designz)

Well, that's not it. It turns out that more celebrities, professional athletes, and music artists also love themselves a Tesla. That said, these Tesla transformations are the most eye-catching we've encountered thus far. Although I'm sure a few celebrity friends of Elon Musk will soon trick out their new Model 3. If so, we'll be sure to showcase them here.