Accessorize your Tesla Model Y wheels with a vast array of aftermarket parts and adornments available at EVANNEX. From ultra-light Titanium lug nuts to Gorilla lug nuts and lug nut covers are available for your Tesla Model Y factory wheels.

Protect your Tesla Model Y wheels from curb rash with AlloyGator alloy wheel rim protectors. Give the Tesla Model Y Performance brakes further protection and a distinct look with our Caliper Covers. Get the EVANNEX wheel spacers to enhance the look of your Tesla Model Y and brag about it to your friends.

Easy-to-install textile snow chains for your Tesla Model Y help you navigate icy and snowy roads more confidently. Other Tesla Model Y wheel accessories & parts include TPMS sensors, studs, wheel cleaners, tire repair kits, mud flaps, car ramps, and more.